The Perfect Prospect Blueprint

The essential tool for engaging and attracting ideal customers and clients

You are 30 minutes away from creating your No.1 marketing tool

What’s in it for You?

Different people buy similar products for different reasons. When you know why your best customers buy from you, you can frame your offer in a way that will capture the imagination of people just like them.

Creating a detailed picture of what motivated your best customers to buy from you, is one of the most important jobs you’ll do. If not the most important.

The more you know about what they want, why it’s important to them and why they’re not getting it, the greater the impact you can have on them.

In marketing, we call that detailed picture, your customer avatar and it is the foundation stone of all your marketing moving forward.

I’ve worked with 100s of business people, helped them produce 100,000s of words of copy and 1,000s of pages of media coverage and in every case, their client avatar was the point at which all of our efforts began.

However, in order for your customer avatar to become an invaluable business building tool, it’s important that you capture the right information. Which is why we developed this short guide.

In 45 minutes you’ll have:

  • A detailed picture of your ideal customer.
  • Insight into how to position yourself and your services for maximum impact.
  • The ingredients needed to create content that engages and attracts them.