Get Powerful Publicity

How to use your experience and expertise to achieve
high profile media coverage for free.

You are 1 Hour Away from Successfully Pitching the Media

Gaining media attention is a crucial part of building your brand. Essentially, an endorsement from an independent and trusted third party, it’s a powerful way of generating awareness, interest and sales.

And there’s never been a better time to build your media profile.

I speak to journalists daily who are screaming out for contributions from credible experts. People like you whose experience and expertise position you as a perfect partner.

But, too many people miss out on these opportunities, because they think it’s difficult when in fact the opposite is true.

In this practical 60-minute guide you’ll discover:

  • The secret to positioning yourself as a credible content partner.
  • How to identify what you know that journalists will value.
  • A simple email template for creating a coverage winning media pitch, that you can copy and use straight away.