A proven process two decades in the making

Alex Moscow, Founder 

Welcome to the Sales Sweet Spot.

I’m going to help you articulate and communicate your vision and value, so it attracts the people you need to grow your business at pace.  

Together, we will mine the gold of your experience and expertise and translate it into copy and content that attract people like your best clients and employees.

Over 2 decades, I’ve crafted an approach that’s helped talented founders and owners of brilliant businesses to:

  • Consistently generate quality coverage in key media and score 10,000s views for their social media posts.
  • Generate new business leads worth £100,000s.
  • Attract top talent.

I call that approach the Sales Sweet Spot and it has become the foundation of all our client campaigns.

I now want to share it with you.

My Journey to the Sales Sweet Spot

My career began at Bite, one of the UK’s leading PR agencies.

This was back in the early Noughties and I was heading up the PR programs for some of the biggest names in tech.

Brands like Toshiba, Samsung, Lycos, BT and McAfee.

My job was to help their CEOs and senior teams to build their media profiles.

That typically meant sitting down on a regular basis and picking their brains.

I knew what the media wanted and had designed a process for examining my client’s thinking and communicate the value of what they knew.

I remember my work with Samsung in particular.

When I took over the account, the B2B team was at the bottom of the European coverage league table and they were far from happy.

After 6 months, they were at the top.

Refining the Approach

It was when I started to apply the same principles to lead generation that things really started to kick off.

I realised that the secret to attracting people to a business was to stop selling and focus instead on the things they value. The things that are meaningful to them.

This key principle remains the cornerstone of the Sales Sweet Spot approach.

When you give great value, you attract great people.

Since then, that process has evolved and today it is a fully-formed system. One that enables you to distill your unique value and communicate it in a meaningful way to your market.

My Promise to You

I created the Sales Sweet Spot to empower talented business owners to share their brilliance with the world and gain the success and recognition they deserve.

I created it because I know that the key ingredient to your success is the means to communicate with confidence.

My mission and my promise is to give you that confidence.

Alex Moscow, Founder


“Alex’s ability to highlight, position and showcase my message is nothing short of incredible.”

Toby Stewart, Entrepreneur