The Sales sweet spot approach

Designed for you
  • Who is your ideal customer/employee?
  • Why did they buy from/choose you and disqualify your competition?
  • What results and impact did you help them achieve that people just like them will crave? 
  • What do you know that will demonstrate your quality and that you have the skills and experience needed to achieve their goals? 
  • How can you communicate all of this in a effective and compelling way? 


These are the questions that the Sales Sweet Spot Approach has been specifically designed to answer.


Our Unique Process


This is the insight gathering phase.

Through a series
of workshops and interviews we explore your audience, vision and value.


This is the design stage where we take the

insights generated during Discovery and
create the tools and plan needed to attract your target audience.


This is the implementation phase where we hand you over to our insanely talented team at 9MM PR to execute on the plan.

Alex’s forensic approach has been first class. Working closely to research our client differentiation and then turning it into powerful messaging.

Simon King-Cline, Founder