Find Your Sales Sweet Spot

Every business has a Sales Sweet Spot™ – ideal clients and customers for whom your unique skills, experience, and approach are the perfect fit.

We help you to find your Sales Sweet Spot™, so your marketing has the intensity to penetrate the noise and engage and attract the people who will have the greatest positive impact on your business.

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  • Alex's unique ability to position, highlight and showcase my message and vision is nothing short of incredible.
    Toby Stewart
    Business Owner
  • "We could not have written the copy better ourselves, which is a super compliment for capturing and crafting the messages.
    Mario Blandini
    VP Marketing
  • Alex showed us how to stand out from the crowd and create meaningful messages that really hit their mark.
    Dan Pounder
    Executive Vice President
  • "Alex is one of the few PR / Marketing types who understands how to communicate to clients in an effective meaningful way.
    Mark Stephens
    Sales Director
  • "We are now entirely focused on our 'special sauce', rather than telling people what we do. Our materials seem to be writing themselves.
    Jo Randle
  • "I was continually amazed at how Alex helped express my thoughts and ideas even more well-honed than I could express them myself while staying true to my authentic voice.
    Beth Susanne
    International Pitch Coach
  • Neil Laver
    "I was immediately impressed by Alex’s tenacity to understand our business and offer clear guidance on how to impact our market.
    Neil Laver
    Sales Director
  • "Alex’s forensic approach has been first class, working closely to research and understand our client differentiation and then turning this into powerful messaging.
    Simon King-Cline
    Business Owner
  • "Alex is incisive, imaginative and inventive. He hones a message with extraordinary ability.
    Richard Wilson

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